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Join the Glass Class

Anglo has teamed up exclusively with Ongar Diary to join the fight in putting plastic on the back foot and promote a mass return to glass milk bottles. We’ve launched this Milk Monitor to track the rate of positive change as fabulous clients like you make the switch to glass bottle deliveries.

The Glass Class is the collection of companies who have switched to milk bottle deliveries with Anglo and our exclusive partner Ongar Dairy. 

To join them and help make a difference, simply complete the form or talk to the Anglo team on 
0208 699 8566 or

Why the Milk Monitor?


250,000 glass pints of milk preventing the need for 6 million 1L plastic bottles

pints supplied in reusable glass bottles

1L plastic containers no longer needed


Yes, I'd love to switch to glass deliveries

At the present rate of energy consumption, we’ll need 2.3 planets by 2050

6 billion kg of waste is dumped into the world’s oceans every year

of all waste that ends up in landfill could be 

Plastic makes up 60-90% of all marine debris

The stats don’t lie

With indelible images of the sea of plastic contaminating our oceans, David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II shocked the world. Joining the Glass Class gives you the chance to do something about relieving the intolerable pressure on our planet: 

8 million pieces of plastic enter our oceans every day

Call the Anglo team on 0208 699 8566 or email

Making a difference to our environment is written in the Anglo DNA. Delivering more than 200,000 products and services to businesses across London, we have a responsibility and passion to do the right thing. As well as leading this plastic neutral charge, our commitments include: 

  • Zero emission vehicle delivery 
  • Carbon neutral certification 
  • Innovative energy reduction 
  • Strict waste management and recycling 

Ongar Dairy shares our commitment to sustainability. Every year, this independent family-owned business delivers milk in reusable glass bottles and locally-sourced groceries to thousands of organisations across London and Essex.